31st Student Scientific Conference with international participation with reports in foreign languages


On December 13, the 31st Student Scientific Conference with international participation with reports in foreign languages (English, German and Latin) was held in a remote format on the Zoom platform. The rector of the Academy, Professor T.V. Zabolotskikh welcomed the participants of the conference. The English section was turned to be the most intense. 20 reports were presented here. There were 6 reports from the Amur State Medical Academy, 9 from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 3 from Qiqihar Medical University, and representatives of Chita Medical Academy and Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University (Japan) delivered one report each
The conference was held in the framework of events dedicated to the70th anniversary of our Academy. Therefore, the conference program included the reports devoted to the foundation history and the development of our medical school from 1952 to the present days. At the English language section the 1st year student Yu.Volkova told about it. And our old friend, the head of the Department of International Relations of the Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Yao Suyuan (Arina) told about the history of their university foundation. Some reports represented by the students of this university aroused a great interest. They revealed the peculiarities of the COVID -19 pandemic in China, strategies to combat it and the implementation of traditional Chinese medicine methods in treatment of patients with this disease (LiYanliang, TianyangYu, YuanzhengSun, WeipingCheng). Reports of students from Qiqihar Medical University concerned the issues of experimental medicine. The student from Osaka SakuraOkada declared about the mutual influence of fashion and economy in Japan. The student of the Chita Medical Academy Yu. Potekhina told about changes in behavioral reactions, red blood cell peroxide resistance, lipid peroxidation processes in mice when exposed to traditional and electronic cigarettes. The topics of students’ reports from our Academy were connected with the use of bioinformatics methods in biology – “The creation of ligand – modifiers for the TRPM8 receptor, checking of their affinity with rigid and flexible docking methods” (E.Timofeev, the 3rd year student), COVID – 19 pandemic - “The effect of bronchial asthma on the course of COVID – 19” (D. Grigoriev, the 6th year student), fundamental physiological problems – “Dominance concept by A.A. Ukhtomsky. Historical review” (A. Konev – the 5th year student, K. Drobyaskina – the 2nd year student).
Konev A. was the moderator of the conference. Most of the reports were delivered online. The 31st conference was the most representative in terms of foreign students’ participation and the longest one. It lasted three hours.

Roundtable Blagoveshchensk – Heihe


On May 12, an online international roundtable discussion dedicated to the youth cooperation in the field of science and technology was held by representatives of Blagoveshchensk and Heihe. The participants of the roundtable on the part of Heihe were the representatives of the Department of Scientific and Technical Practice at the Komsolmol Committee of Heihe University, the Chinese – Russian Youth Center, the Heihe Science and Technology Museum.
The event was held under the guidance of the Deputy Mayor of Blagoveshchensk, V.A. Hopatko.
Wang Yusheng, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC City Committee, was the leader of the participants from Heihe.
Members of the Council of Young Scientists of the city and the House of Scientific Collaboration represented the youth science of Blagoveshchensk. Within the roundtable discussion, representatives of the neighboring cities shared their experience of involving children and young persons in scientific activities. Both parties agreed to exchange youth delegations after the openings of the borders. They are supposed to visit the science and technology platforms.
A.A. Yatsenko, the Chairman of the Council of the Scientific Society of Young Scientists and Students of the HSEI HE Amur SMA under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, was among the participants of the online discussion. He spoke about projects that the members of the society are working on.
“2021 was declared the Year of Science and Technology by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation. Young specialists from various fields of activity, including science and technology, will build the future of our countries. It is very important to acquaint young people in Russian and China with the peculiarities of the development of this area for them to be ready to implement joint projects. Therefore, our international roundtable is a unique opportunity for all young people participating in it to exchange the experience in the field of science, innovation and technology,” said V.A.Hopatko

Medicine without borders: medical scientists of the two countries jointly solve the problems of improving people's health


On December 10-13, the 16th Russian-Chinese Biomedical Forum “Innovative Treatment Methods in Traditional Russian and Chinese Medicine” was held in the Amur State Medical Academy. It was organized by the Amur State Medical Academy and Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Harbin). The work of the forum began with the traditional meeting of the Chinese delegation by the rector of the Medical Academy T. V. Zabolotskikh.

The delegation included 44 people - teachers and students. On the same day, guests from China visited the multifunctional simulation center of ASMA.

Those members of the Chinese delegation who have been participating in the forums for many years noted a significant improvement in its equipment, a high level of modern equipment and great opportunities for training both future doctors and for increasing the professional skills of practitioners.

The opening of the forum took place on December 11th. Rector of the Amur State Medical Academy, Professor T.V. Zabolotskikh addressed the participants with a welcoming speech.

“Today, Russian-Chinese cooperation has become the relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction being the best in their history. Over the past three years, Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Amur State Medical Academy have successfully developed cooperation within the union of innovation and development of traditional Chinese and Russian medicine. On June 16, 2016, the first joint declaration on the organization of the Sino-Russian Union of Innovation and Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine was signed in Harbin. The organization of the union was preceded by great joint work.”

On principles of friendship and cooperation in the field of medicine


At present, Russian-Chinese terms are the relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction that are the best one in their history. Over the past three years Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Amur State Medical Academy successfully developed the cooperation within the framework of the innovation union and the development of traditional Chinese and Russian medicine. The first joint declaration on the organization of the Chinese-Russian innovation union and the development of traditional Chinese medicine was signed in Harbin on June 16, 2016. Two universities worked out the students exchange mechanisms. Students participate in summer practices and study traditional Chinese medicine in modern hospitals on the background of various approaches to the pathogenesis of diseases in their countries. Such activities are very important as they allow to exchange the experience, to strengthen contacts and cooperation between our countries in various fields of medicine
Great joint work resulted in the organization of the union. Since 2004, 15 pharmaceutical forums have been held alternately in Harbin and Blagoveshchensk. The forums' work programs included youth sections, cultural events and sport competitions. Over 15 years, more than 750 workers of the teaching staff and more than 850 students, interns and post-graduate students participated in the forums on both sides. 15 scientific collections were published following the results of joint forums. On the whole, over 1100 articles reflecting scientific achievements in the field of theoretical and practical traditional Chinese and Russian medicine have been published for the last 14 years.
In this dialogue process, both sides constantly improved innovative forms of the exchange. Basing the mutual confidence, they held numerous scientific and cultural events that make an important contribution to the cultural and scientific cooperation between medical universities.


Greeting in honor of the 70-th anniversary of the PRC’s foundation and economic cooperation


In the framework of international exchange


Students of Heilongjiang University of traditional Chinese medicine did practical training at the teaching hospitals of the Amur SMA for two summer months. As part of the international exchange with the sister University, the medical Academy accepted 62 future Chinese doctors, mainly third and fourth year students. During the internship, they studied at the departments of physiology, Humanities, biology and histology, propedeutics of internal diseases, faculty therapy, hospital therapy, General surgery, faculty surgery, hospital surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, visited the city maternity hospital and perinatal center. Residents, and the 3rd-6th year students of the Amur state medical Academy assisted the communication of teachers with students. The leisure part and coordination in the city and bases of the Academy were provided by volunteers of the volunteer group "The seventh petal" - students and residents of the Amur SMA. Chinese colleagues got a great impression from the practice. In conclusion, the guests from China were awarded certificates of practice in the Amur SMA. The second and fourth year students (20 persons) of the Amur SMA also had the opportunity to undergo an internship at the Heilongjiang University of traditional Chinese medicine this summer. They received a lot of bright impressions and positive emotions from this trip, learned a lot of new and interesting things.


Scientists of the Amur State Medical Academy at the annual Chinese-Russian international summit in Guangzhou


Representatives of the Amur State Medical Academy, headed by the rector, Professor Tatyana Zabolotskikh, participated in the meeting of the Permanent Council of the Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities (RCAMU), which was held in Guangzhou (China).
The meeting was opened by the chairmen of the RCAMU from the Chinese and Russian sides - Academician Yang Baofen and Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pyotr Glybochko (Rector of the First MSMU named Sechenov). 17 Russian rectors and more than 30 heads of Chinese universities, representatives of pharmaceutical research centers took part in the discussion of modern positions in the field of development of pharmaceutical science and medical education.
The forum summed up the work of the Association for 2018, presented the most successful projects in the field of international education and clinical pharmacology. By the way, this forum marked the beginning of the upcoming large-scale international events under the auspices of the RCAMU on the subject of "Integration-innovation-interaction". A scientific international conference on the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases, a symposium on clinical pharmacology and a number of others are planned. The president of Harbin Medical University, Yan Baofen, expressed hope for expanding the prospects for mutual partnership, deepening research and educational cooperation.
In the framework of the largest forum, the annual III meeting of the metabolic diseases committee of the World Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the pharmaceutical forum were held. At  the forum from the group of scientists of the Amur State Medical Academy the report of Professor Elena Romantsova (Vitamin D as a predictor of metabolic disorders) (co-authors of the report are Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Tatyana Zabolotskikh and Doctor of Medical Sciences Olga Prikhodko) was presented.
“Within the framework of this forum, we discussed further cooperation of medical universities of the two countries on topical issues of both modern medical education and public health in general,” said Tatyana Zabolotskikh. In the framework of our cooperation, conferences, symposia and other events are planned, the participants of which will exchange new scientific achievements, advanced educational technologies. The practice of conducting international internships for scientists and students will continue. All this will certainly be useful for the development of medicine in both countries. ”
The conference participants visited the Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, the Museum of Chinese Medicine at the University of Pharmacy, and the technological complex of the Pharmaceutical Company Bai Yunshan Cghun I.
For reference. The Russian-Chinese Association of Medical Universities (RCAMU) was established in 2014 at the initiative of the First MGMU named Sechenov and Harbin Medical University. Since 2015, meetings of the Permanent Council of the RCAMU have been held jointly with the Russian-Chinese scientific symposia and conferences in various fields of medicine and pharmacy

XV Chinese-Russian Forum "Innovations and the development of traditional Chinese and Russian medicine"


Rector of the Amur State Medical Academy, Professor Tatiana Zabolotskikh became an honorary professor at Heilongjiang Medical University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The corresponding document was presented to Tatiana Vladimirovna at the anniversary XV Chinese-Russian forum "Innovations and the development of traditional Chinese and Russian medicine", which was held in Harbin. Two more professors of the Amur University, Sergey Tseluyko and Yevgeny Borodin, were awarded the diplomas “Visiting Professor”.
The forum also signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of science, innovation and education between the Amur State Medical Academy and Heilongjiang Medical University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This is the second fundamental official document for the 15-year history of cooperation between two medical universities: the first joint declaration on the organization of the Chinese-Russian Union was signed on June 16, 2016 in Harbin. This historic event was preceded by a large joint work, which began in 2004 with pharmaceutical forums, alternately held in Harbin and Blagoveshchensk.
“The jubilee forum is convincing evidence of a high level of mutual understanding and friendly trust that has developed between Russia and China, both at the interstate and at the level of peoples, teachers and students of the two countries,” Professor Tatyana Zabolotskikh said in her greeting. “Such events are very important because they allow us to share experiences, strengthen contacts and cooperation between countries in various fields of medicine.”
The work programs of the forums included not only the presentations of teachers on the generated scientific research, but also the work of youth sections, cultural events and sporting events. Over the years, more than 750 faculty members and more than 850 students, residents and graduate students have participated in the forums on both sides. Following the results of joint forums 14 scientific collections were published, over a thousand articles were written reflecting scientific achievements in the field of theoretical and practical traditional Chinese and Russian medicine.
“The last three years the Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Amur State Medical Academy have significantly expanded the scope of cooperation in joint research projects and medical services,”- says Professor Sergey Tseluiko, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovative Development of Medical Academy. - Today a high-level cooperation platform has been created to unite joint resources with Amur's firm Ametis on the use of the dihydroquercetin produced here, a natural product with a high content of antioxidants. At Heilongjiang University, the pharmacological direction is well developed, there is an active study of medicinal plants, and they are interested in this natural product, which is widely used as a highly effective biological active additive of various kinds. A meeting of the university administration of the Chinese university and the management of Ametis, which resulted in a cooperation agreement, was held within the framework of the forum just held.
Sergei Tseluyko also said that according to the contract, as part of the expansion of academic mobility, the exchange of teachers from the Amur State Medical Academy and Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine will continue to lecture students of both universities. Continue between the two universities and the exchange of students for the summer internship. Russian students study traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese learn about European medicine at the clinical bases of the Amur State Medical Academy in such areas as surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and therapy.
Professor Sergei Tseluyko stressed that cooperation between the two universities is not limited only to research activities - the cultural component of such a union is also very important.
All this, in the opinion of both sides, only contributes to the mutual understanding and mutual respect of the two peoples, strengthening good-neighborly relations and, of course, allows for a wider development of cooperation in the field of medicine for the benefit of the health of our people.
As a sign of gratitude for the active participation in the development of cooperation between two universities, the rector of Heilongjiang Medical University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was awarded the title of Honorary Professor of the Amur State Medical Academy. Sung Joon Zhen became the seventh owner of this honorary title in Amur Medical University.

Kulikovskie readings


June 21-23 in Blagoveshchensk for the first time were Kulikovskie readings: scientific and practical conference "Standards, innovations and perspectives of the development of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases." The All-Russian forum with international participation was dedicated to the memory of Yaroslav Petrovich Kulik - a scientist, professor, founder of the cardiosurgical service in the Amur region. The ceremony of the grand opening of the conference took place on June 22 in the public and cultural center of Blagoveshchensk. Opened by her rector of the Amur State Medical Academy, Professor Т.V. Zabolotsky. On May 16, 2018, Yaroslav Petrovich Kulik, the founder of cardiovascular surgery in the Amur Region, the organizer and leader of the Research Laboratory of Auxiliary Blood Circulation at the Blagoveshchensk Medical Institute, celebrated the 90th anniversary of the conference. Clinic of Cardiac Surgery of the Amur State Medical Academy). Tatyana Vladimirovna expressed her gratitude to the organizers of this truly large-scale event, the participation of doctors of medical organizations not only from Priamurye, but also from other cities of the whole Far Eastern region, for their support in his organization. She especially thanked the lecturers who came from the leading specialized medical institutions in Vladivostok, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, Tyumen, Khabarovsk, as well as fellow Amur residents and a delegation of doctors from China for their participation in the conference.
Participants of the forum were greeted by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Amur Region Olga Lysenko, Mayor of Blagoveshchensk Valentina Kalita, representatives of the regional Ministry of Health and other guests.
After the opening of the conference, a plenary session began. The first speaker was
Evgeny Tarasyuk, MD, chief physician of the cardiac surgery clinic of the Amur State Medical Academy, who devoted his report to the development of cardiac surgery in the region and the clinic's achievements at the present stage. About the history of cardiac surgery in the Amur region, about the biographical information of Yaroslav Kulik was told by one of his first students Vladimir Shimko, professor of the Department of Surgery of the Amur State Medical Academy.
At the plenary session also SP. Gliantsev, MD, professor, FGBU "National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery named after A.H. Bakulev ", Moscow, I.G. Menshikova, MD, professor, chief freelance cardiologist in the Amur Region, head of the Department of Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine of the Amur State Medical Academy and other specialists, including from China.
Within the framework of the Kulikov readings, an arrhythmological school, satellite symposia, the work of various sections and master classes were organized. They passed on the bases of the Amur State Medical Academy and the city clinical hospital. They discussed the issues of modern innovative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in such areas as cardiac surgery and perfusion, vascular surgery, cardiology and intervention arrhythmology, endovascular surgery, diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases, arrhythmology, x-ray, diagnostics. The "round tables" raised questions on the legal aspects of medical activity, as well as on the treatment of patients with lesion of the left coronary artery trunk: interdisciplinary approach and a number of others.
The conference was of a multidisciplinary nature and was of interest for cardiovascular surgeons, cardiologists, specialists in rengenendovascular diagnosis and treatment, anesthesiologists-resuscitators, therapists, general practitioners, as well as organizers of public health services, therapists due to the wide prevalence, social significance of cardiovascular diseases, development of the issues under discussion and the emergence of modern approaches and solutions
The organizers of the conference were the Ministry of Health of the Amur Region, the Amur State Medical Academy, the clinic of cardiosurgery of the Academy; co-organizers - the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Khabarovsk), the Far Eastern State Medical University, the Pacific State Medical University, the city clinical hospital in Blagoveshchensk.
The conference participants also visited the Amur Regional Museum of Local Lore. G.S. Novikov-Daursky exhibition "Into the secrets of the heart", dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Yaroslav Petrovich Kulik.

Olympiad students of medical universities in the Far East and the Baikal region on practical skills identified the strongest


In Blagoveshchensk, an Olympiad on practical skills among students of medical schools of the scientific educational medical cluster of the Far Eastern Federal District and the Baikal Region "Vostochny" was completed. As already reported, students from the Amur State Medical Academy, the Chita State Medical Academy and the Far Eastern Medical University from Khabarovsk took part in it.
According to the program of the Olympiad, the contestants had to go through three stages of assignments in order to identify the strongest.
The first was a team competition. According to the legend, three patients with various diseases were admitted to the waiting room at the same time, and a team of "doctors" of five people had to determine the order of medical care, assess the condition of the patients and provide the necessary assistance. The solution of this problem was given only 8.5 minutes. The main goal of this task is the correct organization of the work of the reception dormitory, the team's ability to mobilize in order to save patients.
Behind the actions of future doctors on the monitors was closely watched by a competent jury consisting of Oleg Markov, chief freelance specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Amur Region for anesthesia and resuscitation, and practical doctors with many years of experience.
Contestants who passed all the stages of the Olympiad, where the second and third were the diagnostic stage and medical volunteers, noted that all the tasks were unusual, but in the "reception room" it was most interesting.
"Especially when at the last moment the fourth patient - a" bloody "man," injured "by an icicle - appears quite unexpectedly, - the students shared their impressions. - Here, the team had to make the right decision. But we seem to have coped with all the tasks, all were "saved"! Actually, we at Olympiad also learn to analyze our mistakes and to minimize their further work. Then in any emergency situation that may occur in real life, we will not be at a loss. "
The jury determined the winners of the Olympiad not only in the team competition, but also in the individual competitions. According to the results of the fulfillment of the tasks of all three stages, the team "Region 28" of the Amur Medical Academy took the first place: Yana Chervova, Sergey Arkhipov, Andrei Shulga, Igor Mosienko, Alexey Kasatkin (team leader Vladimir Oleksik, postgraduate student of the Department of Hospital Therapy with the course of pharmacology). The second place was taken by the team "FESMU" of the Far Eastern Medical University (Khabarovsk), the third - the team "Agents 75" of the Chita Academy of Medical Sciences. Diploma of the winner in the personal championship was received by Andrey Shulga from the Amur State Medical Academy. Diplomas of the winners in the nominations went to Konstantin Dvernik, ChGMA, - "Basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation", Ruslan Zhazybaev, FGMU, - "Emergency Care", Egor Gavrilov, FGMU, - "Emergency Assistance", Alexander Vtorushin, ChGMA, - "Diagnostics" .
Diplomas for the winners were presented at the solemn closing of the Olympiad, which took place in the assembly hall of the main building of the medical academy. Participants of the Olympiad heard in their address a lot of pleasant and kind words, and amateur art groups of the Amur Medical University gave the guests and all viewers a lot of positive emotions and good mood. Separating, the future doctors of the three universities expressed the wish to hold similar events in the future, because they not only allow them to grow professionally, but also bring up a team spirit and a high sense of responsibility for their work, for their profession

Agreement Concerning Collaboration was Signed


Amur State Medical Academy and Heilongjiang University of Chinese Traditional Medicine (PRC) signed a new Agreement on Collaboration in Higher Education for a period of ten years.
  The parties expressed a common opinion that that document would give a new impetus to bilateral collaboration according to the new approach in the development of higher education in order to develop Russian-Chinese collaboration in training health care personnel on the basis of modern achievements of Russian and Chinese traditional medicine. The agreement will also expand the academic mobility of teachers, the exchange of teachers and doctors between partner higher schools and will facilitate the organization of joint training as part of the implementation of additional professional education programs according to refresher course and advanced professional training programs, including short-term and long-term traineeships. At the same time, both parties offer teachers and doctors opportunities to train.
The agreement expands the academic mobility of students and the exchange of students to do a traineeship in accordance with the programs of practices of partner higher schools and organization of training for residents.
As part of the agreement, there will be exchange of teaching methods, learning and teaching manuals, joint curriculum development and online courses.

XIVth Russian-Chinese Biomedical Forum


In Blagoveschensk from 9 to 12 of October XIVth Russian-Chinese Biomedical Forum “Innovative Methods of Treatment in Traditional Russian and Chinese Medicine” was held. It was held by Amur State Medical Academy and Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Harbin). The delegation consisted of 47 people: Professors, postgraduates, students as well as administration of hospital of Heihe - the neighbor city of Blagoveschensk.
The Forum began with the official reception of guests from the Celestial Empire by the Rector of Amur State Medical Academy, Professor Tatyana Zabolotskih. Greeting Chinese colleagues Tatyana Vladimirovna mentioned that it became a good tradition to start a new academic year from a Biomedical Forum. “It is a sign of the begun autumn and without this event it is already simply impossible”, she joked.
On the same day a great creative concert, where the students of both friendly medical institutions demonstrated their shining talents, took place. The audience hearty greeted amateur performances not sparing applause. At the end of the event a traditional general photo was taken for memory. Sport competitions in basketball and table tennis among the students of 2 higher institutions took place on the last day of the Forum. And as usual friendship won the victory.  
The opening ceremony was on the 10th of October. The Rector of Amur Medical Academy, Professor Tatyana Zabolotskih, the head of the Chinese delegation, the Vice-Rector of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Wang Xijun, the Head of the SRI of Physiology and Pathology of Breath, Academician of RAS Victor Kolosov, the Head of Rospotrebnadzor of Amur Oblast Alla Perepelitsa appealed to the participants with the greeting words.
On behalf of the Governor of Amur Oblast the Deputy of the Government of Amur Oblast Olga Lysenko warmly welcomed the participants of the Forum.
“The relationship between China and Russia is built on the basis of equality and mutual trust, respect for each other’s interests, mutual support on the key questions of sovereignty, security and development, comprehensive interaction”, she said.  “This Forum has great value for the Health Care Systems of our countries because today International scientific collaboration of Chinese and Russian medical scientists gets new higher level. In the whole the topics of reports cover a greater range of medical issues, the current problems of modern innovative clinical and experimental medicine. The Biomedical Forum is a forum of real friends for whom there are no boundaries, language barrier, distances of hundreds kilometers. This is one family united by serving its major purpose – medicine.”
The scientific program of the Forum was opened by the plenary session then the work was continued in the parallel sessions. During the parallel sessions the medical scientists of two countries discussed modern problems of experimental, preventive and clinical medicine, exchanged experience in different branches of medicine. The reports of the scientists are interesting not only for experimentalists but also for clinicians and practitioners. They are allowed us to join the representatives of allied specialties
More than 250 professionals took part in the Forum. In 4 parallel sessions 45 reports were presented among them 15 reports from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The scientific reports were devoted to fundamental and applied medical problems of Chinese and Russian medicine on innovative issues of treatment of residents of Asia-Pacific region. By the opening of the Forum more than 300 articles had been published in the special issue of the Amur Medical Journal included in the scientific electronic library «eLIBRARY.RU».
Thoughtful discussion was in the youth session where debates in English dealt with issues related to new medicinal substances and biologically active additives made of plants of the Asian region.
This year reports on clinical problems were presented and innovative proposals for their application in practice were marked more broadly.

“The main aim of the Forum is exchange of our scientific and practical achievements to combine the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and European to strengthen the health of our peoples. Today we are trying to find that rational kernel that will allow us to make use of these methods of treatment and scientific achievements to serve one main purpose to help the humanity to cope with an ailment”, the Rector of  Academy, Professor,  Honored Doctor of Russia Tatyana Zabolotskih said.
Cooperation of two higher institutions is developing more and more actively. And over the past 3 years collaboration has been continuing as a part of the created Russian Chinese Association of Higher Medical Institutions.
According to its curriculum international exchange of medical students helps to study the basis of health care of 2 countries better, to exchange experience, to study to synthesize modern global medical techniques and traditional Chinese methods which have been used in  the Celestial Empire for more than a thousand years.
The head of the Chinese delegation the Vice-Rector of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Wang Xijun noticed that the Forum had great value for them as well. And he expressed his gratitude to the administration of Academy for their efforts made to preserve a good tradition allowing medical scientists of two countries to exchange experience, to share advanced achievements in protecting people's health.

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